Monday, June 23, 2014

Easy Breezy......really!!

The Easy Breezy Blouse by So Sew Easy

In the past I frequently bemoaned the lack of summer wardrobe available in my closet. Truthfully, I have way more winter clothes than summer. Not sure why because where we live there is plenty of summer and lots of time to wear those gauzy, sleeveless, woven tops. Many times I have purchased lovely spring, summertime and early fall prints which I later planned to turn into luscious summertime wear. Except for that last part, where I actually make something with all those wonderful fabrics!

But, those days are over. This year already, I have made 3 summer tops. One of them, the one above, was sewn in less than a hour using an embroidered gauze that has been stored away for a while. Those three tops are seeing a lot of wear, especially the Easy Breezy, which spends its time either on me or in the wash.

Deby always does a good job with making patterns simple and easy to use. Most of the them have a video which is very thorough and provides a good visual aid if you are having trouble with any step.

Now there is no reason to put off making sweet summertime wear and in a jiffy too!!

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  1. Thanks for testing out this pattern for me - I love that bright summery color. You did a great job!