Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January Make A Garment a Month and the January Challenge

Sarah Liz challenged us to a new beginning for January. This is right on track with my personal sewing goals for the year so I was ready to try some new sewing techniques, some of which I have been thinking about for a while. Sometimes we just need that extra push to get us going and Sarah Liz provided it for me.

First off to my GAM. This is not the garment I chose or wanted to sew but it is the one I ended up finishing. As some of you know, I work in the sewing business, here. The owner wants me to teach classes which I love and am happy to do. This month, she wanted me to put together some shop samples in anticipation of upcoming classes, one of which uses this cascading ruffle skirt pattern: 

Love everything about Joel Dewberry, including this easy skirt pattern.
The pattern calls for medium to lightweight quilting cotton but here in the Midwest we are in a deep freeze and I couldn't bring myself to use a lightweight cotton this time of year.  Instead, the skirt is made with another piece of home decor fabric. A while back a very good friend's mother gifted me with boxes and boxes of home decor fabric so I have been using it up making wearable muslins...well sometimes they are wearable.

Liked the skirt better in pictures.  Didn't realize how wrinkly skirt was until I saw this picture. Wow.

I made a  few changes to the front ruffle and did mine with a contrast fabric on one side of the ruffle piece. I wish I had put the contrast on the inside of the skirt ruffle instead of the outside. I think it would look better. The jury is still out on if I actually like the skirt. I am not crazy about it that is for sure. I need a solid black top to go with it and I don't have one that is long sleeves so that may be my February garment. The pattern calls for a rolled hem on the bottom flounce. The rolled hem is also on the ruffle.

Not really suppose to be a full ruffle but I made it one. Seemed more couture like. :) :) 
This was an easy pattern to sew and the directions are very clear and concise. It does have an invisible zipper which a beginner may find difficult but there are tons and tons of tutorials on invisible zippers online.

No need to fear zippers. Tutorials abound, here, here and here are a few. 
Overall, liked the pattern but not crazy about the finished skirt. It might grow on me with a nice blouse and some accessories.


On to the other January challenge which for me was interpreted to mean learn a new sewing technique. I tried two different ones. Closures using a dart and the back kick pleat for pencil skirts. The dart closure is sooo simple but gives amazing results. Here is a great tutorial. And below is my sample. I love this technique and plan on using it often.

Inside dart closure
Finished kick pleat outside
The other technique is from an old Sew Stylish magazine for a basic kick pleat. My daughter is in need of a few pencil skirts so I wanted to get this one down. Again, easy to do and the resulting pleat will be so nice on her skirts.

Inside kick pleat.
January was a very good month for me sewing wise. I finished a purse, a table runner for a friend, a mini Log Cabin quiltlet, this skirt and another shop sample, a cowl neck knit blouse for my daughter and a cell phone wallet.

Now off to iron that skirt. :) 


  1. That certainly is one very bold and eyecatching skirt. This style always seems to suit so many, but makes me look like a clown! I wish I felt able to wear things with more ruffle and swirl. I guess its just down to confidence and like you say, matching it with the right kind of top and accessories. I think you'll do great in your sewing classes. Good luck with it.

  2. Hello Deby,
    I am going to sew up your cowl neck pattern in black stretch kniw and see if that goes with it. Even if it doesn't go with, it will still be a good blouse to have. :)