Friday, January 31, 2014

Goodnight Irene SAL - January Progress

Most of the blocks for Terry's Goodnight Irene SAL January assignment have been done for a while now. This was one of the first projects I started for the new year and the first major quilt that I have attempted, with one exception, in a very long time. To finish it the size I want to and to finish with everyone else, I need to sew 3 rows of 7 blocks (for a total of 9 rows) each month. I am a couple blocks short of that but worked on it some today and hopefully will be all caught up by the end of the weekend.

Really love this quilt pattern!
I am using Kansas Troubles II jelly rolls for my prints and a cream cotton couture for the X blocks. These are not normally colors I would choose being a brights person but I really like them in the quilt pattern.

Some of the prints in the Kansas Troubles II lineup. Cream cotton couture underneath.

Very happy with the way the quilt is coming together!
After having visited many of the links Terry has on her blog I am amazed at the talented group of quilters sewing along! So fun to see other peoples fabric choices and sew along with them. Thanks Terry for hosting!


  1. Great! I really like the colours you're using.

  2. Your blocks look fabulous! I love KT fabrics! :0)

  3. I was going to comment on how great yours is looking with the darker colors....then I read they are Kansas Troubles.
    I am going to use Kansas Troubles with the new block of the month at the quilt shop.
    It was a choice of KT or Civil War. I loved the looked of the Civil War too, but could only choose one. I would have chosen both but can't afford to pay for the second block each month.