Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hello my name is Judy and I am a FABRIC HOARDER.

Something bothersome is the amount of fabric, notions, sewing "things" including craft and sewing books that have accumulated in my home since the 1980's. I think too many.

A small sampling of books.
For a couple of years now it has not been really clear how much stuff there is. Take the books for example. They have been here and there, by my machine, on the book shelf, packed in boxes, you know, around. There was no realization of how many there actually were until a few months back they were all gathered up and put in one place; a legal size 2 drawer filing cabinet that quickly became filled to the brim and more with said books. They would not all fit. Sigh.

Looking them over the least I could say was I didn't spend a fortune. While the retail price was paid for some, such as this DK book on Dressmaking,

Pretty good resource to have!
most were purchased from used book stores, the local Goodwill or received as gifts. A few were inherited from my Mom's stash or from my Mother-in-law, both of whom now are deceased. Those are precious gems to me.

The book move to the filing cabinet took a looooong time. Every book that was picked up had to be perused, flipped through, ooo and awwwed over and a million projects to be made or techniques to try were written down and their page numbers noted and sometimes even a search for fabric for that project which just started another, much more ambitious project; the one where I organize the stash. But I digress. Back to the books.

The books are bothersome because my life is to a point where I don't want things I will never ever use but keep them, just cuz. I would rather have fewer things and do more with them. I don't think I am alone. There is a common theme among some sewing types. They have a lot of stuff but don't do much with it and they (we) just collect more stuff.

That kinda, sorta, NO.....I have to be honest here,..IS, no, no, no, WAS me. I am a RECOVERING sewing fabric, notion, book, supplies, machine, etc.....HOARDER. Yikes, I hate that. I don't want to be a hoarder but I am and as a hoarder have an addiction to buying sewing stuff. I guess that doesn't seem very shocking to many who are the same. But, saying it here, in this public blog post, it is a bit humbling and I don't like the admission very much.

I am trying to do something about it. Sell some fabric....gads....(it is like the car that looses 40% of it's value when you drive it off the lot), sell sewing machines (does anyone want to buy a beautiful antique Pfaff? Really, it looks like a piece of art and works as well!!), sew more (this part is very easy and enjoyable), go on a fabric buying fast (caved after the first lousy day and changed it to a NEW fabric only buying fast...there still is work to do on this one), and...joined this awesome Monthly Craft Book sew-a-long hosted by Craftytwinmommy.

In this 12 month SAL one picks a craft book and makes a project from the book. Love it!  I am actually using and enjoying some craft and sewing books! Using some of this stuff that is around. As an added bonus I resolved that NO new fabric would be purchased for any project that I make in this SAL. All Stash Baby. Now that's what I'm talking about.

BUT, I didn't stop there. I also resolved to give away all 12 projects to family members or friends. AND...I determined that I would pray for them and their families the entire time the gift is being sewn. It feels soooooo good, so much better than being a hoarder. There is a lot of joy and freedom when one bunches up and uses all their resources, tangible and intangible, for other people.

I have already given away the January project to a dear friend who is moving in to a new house next week. The project was called the Boston Common Table runner but this patched piece became "One of these is not like the Other". It is a secret why but some of you may be able to figure it out. :)

A large clear tote of brown, tan and cream fabrics, odds and ends picked up here or there over time has been around the edges of my craft mind for a while. Not normally a neutral color type and never really sure where these fabrics might be used but the tradition of the table runner pattern, patchwork and the fabric equals: perfect match!

Neutrals and browns; colors I would not normally sew with. 

The pattern came from the book below. As a whole, the projects in this book are pretty dated but this particular design just fit my friend and her family. To borrow a cliche, it seemed meant to be.
This book series was published by Viking.
The directions were pretty much followed, although, not long on details and there was a step that included this tube, which I would not repeat if I made it again.

Never understood the point of this tube as seams were ripped out later??
Other than the tube and pivoting all these points when the batting and backing were applied,

My friend loved the traditional colors. They were a good choice.
it was a quick and fun project. I learned some things and had lots of warm, fuzzy thoughts about my friend along the way. When I gave it to her and told her I prayed for her and her family while making it she actually got a little teary eyed.

Did I mention? Soooo much better than being a hoarder.


Completed table runner!


  1. This looks wonderful! I wish I had more rectangular tables in my house, all of mine are circles! And there are so many cute table runner patterns! I love the idea that you are giving these away and saying prayers for the recipient. How thoughtful of you!

    Thank you SO MUCH for linking up with my party! I was getting worried that no one remembered! :) Best of luck to you for the giveaway and I hope to see you again in the coming months!

  2. Hello Kelly, thank you for your comments!

    Yes, I will be with you next month as well. I have already started on the February project. :)

    Can't wait to see what everyone does.


  3. Hi Judy... from one Judy to another... I am a fabric hoarder too.. I have been trying real hard this past year, to sew from my stash.. And I have done alot..But that pile still looks big..ha...and when I go to the fabric store, and see something on sale.. It "really" wants to come home with
    Your craft a month, sounds fun.. and you will use your books.. great idea.. Have fun.

    1. Hi Judy,
      There appear to be a lot of "us" hoarders Judy! But I am determined to make a dent this year. So far, so good....

  4. I joined for the same reason! Hoarders unite! Oh, and destash, yep...that too!