Sunday, November 17, 2013

Some Seriously Good Thrift Finds and a New Knit Blouse.....

These days due to my work schedule I have not been able to do my normal amount of thrifting. I freely admit that I am a serious "thrifter".  One thing I have found and an important component of serious thrifting is to be well...not very serious when setting out and to keep your options open. An open mind is essential when entering the world of thrift. 

I hardly ever pass up a suit like this because of the buttons!

That bright green double knit suit from the early 70's that looks remarkably like what your Mother wore (maybe it WAS your Mothers, who knows?) could surely be turned in to a new wallet, a wine holder, a very durable pot holder and if nothing else, take it home for the buttons!!

Buttons from my day of thrifting!
All those funky sheets could be rag rugs or tents for the young'ens when they play outside, those 90's upscale place mats...why there are numerous patterns for place mat purses out there.  When I enter a thrift store I am prepare to give anything a chance.

Disassemble and add thingys to a cool backpack? And oh my, look at all those straps and buckles!!

Over time my thrifting has allowed me to acquired a substantial amount of heavy 100% wool sweaters and heavy wool coats but there is always a chance things won't turn out like you expect. Sometimes things from the past, like some things now, are just shoddily made. This coat is an example. Dud.

A recent find...but this one didn't turn out to be so good.
In the back of my mind is this awesome idea for a cozy dog bed that would require LOTS of wool scraps... but it has yet to come to fruition. Someday soon. In the meantime, my stash of wool keeps growing.

Use to be one could walk in to any thrift store and buy a boatload of these sweaters and coats but, as crafty types have started to rule the world and snap these up for various projects that they later sell at the local art show, the wool is getting harder to find in my town. And in fact, in reality there are only so many of Gramdma's sweaters and fancy woolen coats around. There is an end to the supply of vintage stuff such as wool sweaters.

Another thrifted textile that has accumulated is quite a supply of vintage type fabrics. Just recently for a couple of bucks, I picked up three heavier weight fabrics. One was a nice green flecked 100% linen. I am a sucker for linen, even though I hardly ever sew with it! I keep envisioning these designer type tailored suits for my 17 year old. She is still waiting.

This is a serious linen...Might have a bit of silk as well. Very chic!
 The other two were home dec types.

I'm thinking floor pillow or pouf  in our "green room"
One was a vintage Waverly. Just cool to own.

Kentucky Belle by Waverly

Most of my thrifted fabric finds are for garment sewing. I don't think quilters readily give up their stash. I find a lot of knits. Some great, some not so great. I guess they are less expensive to buy to begin with but sometimes harder to sew so that great garment is given up on. I have scored entire bolts of muslin, yards and yards of upholstery type fabrics and many fleeces. I did make this sweet top with a sweater knit. The fabric cost me exactly $0.49! Yes, that is forty nine cents! Who says it doesn't pay to sew your own clothes?

Super easy knit top made by me. Photo bomb by Citrus. :)
On Tuesday, I am headed over to the thrift store again. The sweet lady who works there said she had a stack to show me. Who knows what I will find.

Sew On Friends, Sew On!


  1. I really find that I have to say NO to so many wonderful bits and pieces out there - I get into enough trouble just with regular sewing and fabrics :)

  2. It is so true SarahLiz!! I did control myself today!! No place to put things anymore!!