Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Read this book and ditch your ready to wear!

The other day while visiting Gorgeous Fabrics I discovered Ann (the owner) has a blog! I love Gorgeous Fabrics and have ordered lots of fabric from them over the past year. She has a wide selection of quality knits, some outstanding woolens and an abundance of designer type fabrics.

While scrolling through her blog I came across a recent entry about a book she was reading. The book entitled, "The Coat Route: Craft, Luxury & Obsession on the Trail of a $50,000 coat" immediately became of interest. Over the years one thing I have discovered is, it is important to me that I become the best seamstress, sewer, textile artist, couture student that I possibly can within the time, resource and opportunities I have available. This means I subscribe to many teaching type website such as Threads
and have a dozen or so subscribed Youtube channels about sewing and sometimes even purchase memberships to designers websites such as Angela Kane. BTW, if you haven't watched Angela Kane's free videos you need to. They are super easy to follow, clear and can definitely help one improve their sewing techniques! Here is a link to a sample.

Along the path of this self improvement goal I have noticed a serious lack of quality in store bought clothing. Things are just made so darn cheap these days. They look cheap, they feel cheap, they wear out quickly and frankly I don't like buying them. So I haven't been. I am gradually changing over my wardrobe to clothing I have made myself with fabric that I love and believe to be of good quality and in each piece I try to put some fancy technique in its construction. No, everything doesn't turn out perfect. I have discarded things. No it isn't easy. And, no, it is NOT less expensive than purchasing from the local outlet mall. But, it feels so good. Literally it feels good when I put on that skirt with the hong kong finish or the knit dress that fits me perfectly or the silk chiffon scarf with ruffles which looks and feels soooo high dollar.

Which is why when I read Ann's blog about the book I immediately bought it.

I want to know about the $50,000 coat. Not because I will ever own one, I won't. But because I want to know the exacting process that makes the coat so special. Every detail. I have not been disappointed. It is a page turner. :) No really. Not like a Stephen King but if you love craftsmanship and textiles you won't be disappointed. The book has inspired me to keep trying and moving forward in my sewing. I hope it does the same for you too!

Gieves & Hawkes on No. 1 Savile Row
(from Wikipedia)


  1. What a great recommendation! This sounds like a fabulous read. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. I agree, RTW does look awful now - very cheap and throwaway. I adore nicely made clothes (while accepting I don't have the time to devote to the level of sewing that went into the coat you have discussed). Still, one does do better :)

    My father had a lovely Savile Row suit.