Saturday, October 26, 2013

November Garment of the Month, Ottobre Magazine and Britex Fabrics

It has been so exciting for me to find this group and challenge that I have already been gearing up for the November GAM:

Seriously, what could be more fun that seeing all the gorgeous garments being made by like minded sewing types, making new sewing friends from all over and BONUS....sewing a new wardrode yourself along the way? I don't know about you but seems like a bit of heaven to me!

There are so many projects that I have been wanting to do, it is hard for me to choose the next one. But, for some time now I have been wanting to sew a sheath dress. Being short and somewhat curvy, the properly fitting sheath dress is a pretty good choice for me. This Vogue pattern has been tempting me for a while.

Love, but too similar to October GAM?
I think the sleeve style and gathered bodice would make it a sort of "modified sheath" but those design elements together with the lower cut vneck, another good choice for short curvy women who are less well endowed, add up to be a winner in my book.

But, I think the Vogue pattern is going on the back burner for now because in the meantime the first issue of my new subscription to the Ottobre Women's Edition Magazine arrived.

Worth the money.
Ottobre is from Finland but is published in a bunch of different languages and has about 20 (mostly) easy patterns complete with pattern sheets and instructions (again thin instructions but they can only do so much in a magazine space I guess). The cost of the magazine is $25 give or take depending on the euro exchange rate and you get two issues. Not too shabby for 40 patterns! More information can be found here.

They also offer up a few free patterns which I happened on while doing this blog entry. Who doesn't love those?

In the issue is another sheath dress pattern with a scoop neck instead of V and longer sleeves. Hmmmm...this might be nice. And easy to sew.

Simple and Elegant. So many accessory ideas come to mind.
Before, when the Vogue pattern shown at the top of this post was in play I ordered some fabric from Britex Fabrics in San Francisco. Let me tell ya, those folks at Britex take their customer service very seriously. A few days after my online order, I got a phone call from a Britex rep who wanted to verify my address because it wasn't coming up "quite right" in their system.  In just 2 days after the call I had my fabric in my hands. Whoa...that was super fast. Britex is at least 2000 miles and many many post offices away. Impressive! Then I opened the box and it was LIKE CHRISTMAS. The fabric was in a sealed plastic bag, wrapped in tissue paper with a Britex seal and I even got a blank postcard! It all may sound trivial but I have ordered MANY yards of fabric online and NEVER has it been delivered with such style. I like.

Sweet package of fabric from Britex.

The Vogue pattern calls for a stretch woven, lightweight double knit or crepe back satin. What I found at Britex was a lovely chartreuse stretch brocade. I think this fabric will be a dream to sew with. A bit of stretch, a lot of body. I can't wait.
This picture is more the true color of the fabric than the pic above.
The sewing directions are very basic and the dress will probably come together pretty easy. A lining would be nice. Pink just flashed in to my mind. Or steel gray. Suggestions anyone?


  1. I think your plans are for the Vogue Dress in the lovely green fabric. I don't think it matters if the styles are similar - it's likely you choose similar styles because you like them :-). And maybe because you have learnt they suit you too :)

    It's a stunning fabric and the simple style will work well :)

    P.S. did I congratulate you on your new job?

  2. Thank you Sarah! Love what you are doing with the Garment of the Month Challenge. Very motivational!!