Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sew a quick 4 patch potholder. Gift in a Jiff #2.

The 4 patch potholder is such a simple gift to sew up. In 30 minutes or less you can have a sweet handmade hostess or teacher gift. These also make wonderful exchange gifts and are a great gift for colleagues.

Supplies needed:
For 1 potholder you will need:
Fabric A – (2) 8” squares
Fabric B – (2) 8” squares
(1) 8” square of A OR B (your choice) for backing
(1) 8” square of Insul-Bright
Thread to match
Walking foot (not completely necessary but nice to have)
Sewing Machine

Get your fabrics and Insul-Bright together and cut your 8" squares. One of the beauties of this gift is seasonal fabric can be used such as the Christmas fabric below.
Fold 2 squares from both fabric A and B in half wrong sides together. Press.

On your work surface place your 8” square of Insul-Bright shiny side up. Place your 8” piece of backing fabric on top of the Insul-Bright right side up.

Next get your 4 folded and pressed (now) rectangles.  Position one Fabric A rectangle on top of the backing along the top edge. Make sure you match raw edge to raw edge. The folded edge should be in the center of your backing square.
Moving to the right side of your square place one folded Fabric B rectangle on top of the one you have already placed matching raw edges to raw edges on your 8” square. Flip up the Fabric A folded rectangle at the top right and place half of Fabric B rectangle underneath.
Move to the bottom of your square placing your last Fabric A rectangle on your 8” square. Flip up the bottom of the Fabric B you just positioned and place your A piece underneath so that half is covered and other half is showing.
Continue to the left side of your square using remaining fabric piece and flipping up bottom piece end to position underneath. Don't forget raw edges together!

Matching fabrics should end up in opposite corners.

When your done, it should look like the above picture. Make sure all your raw edges are together and that a raw edge is not in the middle!
Pin everything in place. Beginning about 2 inches down from one corner, stitch all the way around your 8” square using a generous 1/4 inch seam. There is no need to leave an opening for turning. Clip corners and threads.

Turn right side out using the opening that was made in the middle by the 4 pieces coming together in the middle.

Set your machine to any decorative stitch or to a small zigzag if you don’t have a decorative stitch. Stitch about 3/4 inches long across the middle of the potholder over the opening you used to turn.  This will ensure the middle does not gap open.
If you want to add to the gift, in one of the "pockets" place a wooden spoon and tea or hot cocoa packets.

And that is that! A Gift in a Jiff #2!

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