Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Craft Book SAL - April project.

Lots of sewing stuff lately. Life has slowed down some, so sewing has resumed! Yay!

For almost a year now I have been promising my son some things: new curtains, some shirts, a duffel bag and a garment bag. Because I needed a good quick project for the April Craft Book SAL hosted by http://craftytwinmommy.blogspot.com/ and due to a good case of the guilts as I was sewing yet something else for myself AND because my son had an upcoming trip, the time was right for his garment bag!

Bag has cute piping all around. Hard to see in photo.
I purchased  this really cool guitar fabric last summer from an online shop. Can't remember where now but I just googled guitar fabric and stuff came up. He is a musician and the idea was to sew him up a gig bag, a garment bag and perhaps a guitar strap for his birthday last June. I am a little late getting started but his garment bag got done. :)

The pattern used was from this book:
Book is....ok.
Sew and Stow gets mixed reviews online. Although I think the Author does a decent job of outlining directions it is not entirely beginner friendly. Yes, there are are some simple patterns but sometimes one has to know something about sewing to figure out the directions. I have made a few things from the book and like her overall design for the garment bag BUT hers is not lined and I think it is a tad too small for menswear. Having said that, I was pretty happy with the outcome and just figured out how to line it myself. It wasn't too hard.

Used a poly satin for the lining.
My son is pretty happy with his bag and has used it a couple of times already.

He's happy; I have an entry for my SAL; One of the projects on my list was completed; Stash fabric was used; AND the dust was blown off a craft book I've had for a while. Now I call that success!


  1. Nice! I've been online looking for some fabric like this for my grandson.

  2. Definite success! Well done. I have that book too but have yet to sew anything from it!