Sunday, March 30, 2014

Craft Book March finish!

I missed the Craft Book SAL in February. I actually had a project done! It was a Bear Paw quiltlet, super cute.

I had spent many hours at a Debate tournament hand sewing the pieces and then quilted it on a road trip to look at colleges in VA. While staying at this B&B  in VA. we ate breakfast with a lovely young couple. Treva informed me how much she loved quilts and how she so wanted to learn how to quilt so...I gave her the Bear Paw. Sadly, in my excitement of giving the quiltlet to her, I did not get a picture so thus no project to show for February. Oh well. You'll have to trust me, it was sorta cute!

So in my eagerness not to miss March AND my longing for spring, I was eager to get this month's project done. This bag was actually finished the first week of March.

A simple bag in nice spring color of yellow and light blue.

My lovely assistant!

This was a fairly easy sew. The Go-Go bag finished generous in size and the pattern is from this book by Sara Lawson:
Image from Amazon.
I used a nice canvas weight yellow toile for my main fabric and a light blue wool for the lining. It actually turned out to be a bit too much stuff and some of my seams were difficult due to bulk. I do so love sewing with wool though, I would do it again just probably not with fusible fleece AND Soft and Stable. I stole the hardware off an old Tommy H. bag. I actually learned a bit about bag construction when I took the Tommy bag apart.

My favorite part of the bag, the back. I fussy cut the fabric.

Inside peek.
The directions said sew the accent piece on and then work with the lining but I wanted the sewn pattern shape to show on the inside of the bag so I did them together.

Poor machine, really got a work out on this one.

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