Sunday, December 29, 2013

December GAM just under the wire! The Classic Tailored Skirt from the book entitled "Dressmaking" by Alison Smith.

The skirt was actually finished late late last night (or early this morning...depending on how one looks at it)! It was an easy sew; just matching up the plaid took some time when cutting out and I had to rip out one of the side seams a couple of times.

The fabric is from my stash. SSSShhhh....don't tell anyone but this is actually made with upholstery fabric and is my wearable muslin for the pattern! I can't decide, does it look like it??? It is a pretty heavy wool on the outside and is self lined so I didn't have to line it!! Yipee!!

Really happy with the way the skirt turned out! Everything all matched up. :) Found the blouse at the local resale shop for $4. It pains me so to buy ready to wear but this is not a color I have in my closet. Ugh.

Great pics, very easy to follow. BUT, did not do a good job of explaining the finished kick pleat!
So I had to turn to my old standby...old issues of Threads magazine to see the proper way to get them done. 
Love, Love, Love everything about Threads!
Kick pleat is not quite right but since this is a wearable muslin I am not going to worry about it.
Invisible zipper! 
Contrast waistband made with some scrap Kona cotton.
Yes, another photo bomb by Citrus!

Whew...feel like the last few days have been a whirlwind. I will be posting a list of some great 2014 sew-a-longs that I have found tonight or tomorrow. Also, will be putting up a tutorial on making the Boston Common table runner in the next couple of days!

Happy Sewing Everyone!



  1. Hi, upholstery fabric can make great garments - and lets face it, fabric is fabric. The skirt is lovely - those autumnal colours look great on you - even if you did have to buy a pre-loved shirt. Citrus looks lovely - matches your skirt :)

  2. Thank you Sarah Liz. You are always so encouraging!